Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden Camp Day Three

Schedule for the third day: Water Psalms 104: 10 God made springs and rivers

Opening 10 min
Water is necessary for life. Water is used for many things. Bubbles are made of water and air. Water is a part of God’s creation.

Art Tent 20 m
Collage of rain, water and clouds
Resources: blue construction paper, aluminum foil, cotton balls, scraps of paper, yarn, scissors, and glue.
Set out paper and collage materials. Let the children create a collage of rain, water and clouds.

Game 20 m
Resources: dishwashing liquid, tablespoon, plastic cups, ¼ cup measuring cup, plastic cups, plastic spoons, bubble blowers (pipe cleaners)
Have the children make bubble mix by measuring 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and mixing it in a plastic cup with ¼ cups of water. Let each child blow their bubbles. Say: Bubbles are a fun way to play with the water God created for us!

Drama Tent 20 m
Wash dishes, wash baby dolls, play in the water
Supplies: baby bath tub or dishpan, baby dolls, wash clothes, towels, empty wading pool, toy dishes
Set out the materials. The children can pretend to bathe the babies, wash the dishes, or play in the wading pool. Talk about what the water is used for in each of the activities.

Worship Tent 20 m
Pictures of different bodies of water
Supplies: variety of pictures of water (oceans, rivers, ponds, rain and so forth)
Teacher Talk: Water is part of God’s creation
Set the pictures of water on a table. Let the children look at and discuss the pictures.
Say: We find water in many different places. Each picture shows a place where there is water. Water is an important part of the world. God created the water that comes from the faucet and the water all over the world.
Pray: Thank you, God, for water. Amen.

Snack 20 m

Closing 10 min
Review Bible verse and say a prayer.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Garden Camp Day Two

Schedule for the second day: Sky Proverbs 3:19 The Lord set the sky in place.

Opening 10 min
God created the sky. There are many different parts of the sky. The clouds in the sky can be different shapes, sizes and colors.

Art Tent 20 m
Take blue construction paper and drop white paint on it. Fold it in half and unfold it to see what your sky looks like and make wind ribbons.
Supplies: plastic spoons or eyedroppers, blue construction paper, white washable tempera paint, smocks and a table covering
Cover the table and have the children wear smocks. Gove each child a piece of blue construction paper in half and then unfold it. Let each child use an eyedropper or spoon to drop white paint onto one side of the fold. Have them refold the paper. Show them how to smooth over the paper with his or her hand. Open the paper flat to see the cloud shapes made by paint.

Game 20 m
Parachute fun. Bouncing balls, making waves, etc.
Supplies: parachute or large sheet, beach ball
Lay the parachute in the ground. Have the children stand around the edge, evenly spaced. Talk about what they have learned about the air – you can’t see it but you can feel it when it blows. Tell the children they are going to create and play with air. Have the children hold the edges of the parachute firmly. Encourage the children to work together to life the parachute up and down. Add the ball after they have gotten the hang of moving the parachute.

Drama Tent 20 m
Pretend Picnic and playing with our wind ribbons.
Supplies: blanket, plastic foods, glasses, dishes, napkins, basket, stuffed animals or dolls
Set out the materials. Encourage the children to have a pretend picnic (something they can do when the sun is shining in the sky.)

Worship Tent 20 m
Pictures of different skies, birds and airplanes.
Supplies: variety of pictures of the sky, real bird or stuffed animal bird, toy plane
Teacher Talk: God created the sky.
Place the pictures, bird, and airplane on a table. Encourage the children to look at the pictures and objects.
Say: These are some things we can see in the sky. Some of the things we see were made by people, like the airplane. But birds and clouds and the sun were all made by God. God created the sky and the things in the sky.
Pray: Thank you, God, for the sky and all the wonderful things in the sky. Amen.

Snack 20 m

Closing 10 min

Monday, May 11, 2009

Garden Camp Day One

I planned a preschool day camp last summer that went really well. As you are trying to get your summer activities planned consider doing something like this. It's fun, and it teaches our young children about the earth our Creator has created, and is creating.

Schedule for the first day: Earth Genesis 1:10 God called the dry land Earth.
Opening 10 min: God created the Earth. God wants every person to help take care of the earth. The earth has many different parts.

Art Tent 20 m: Make worms out of yarn on paper with glue.
Supplies: yarn, paper, glue, scissors, markers and crayons. Help the children cut yarn into different lengths. Let them make worm designs with glue and attach the yarn to create colorful worms. The children can create as many worms on their papers as they wish and add backgrounds with the markers and crayons.

Game 20 m: Exploring the beauty of outside.
Supplies: sheets or blankets, small container of sand, several rocks
Take the children outside and lie down on the blankets or sheets. Have them rest quietly. Encourage each child to think about what it feels like to lie on the ground. Listen to the sounds you hear. Ask the children to look around and find something they see that is beautiful. Ask each child to tell what he or she found. Talk about the beautiful earth and how we need to help take care of it. Show the children the container of sand. Pour a small amount in each child’s hand. Remind the children that sand comes from the earth. Hold up a rock. Explain that sand is very small pieces of rock. Tell the children that they can look around for a small rock or piece of nature they can keep. Tell the children that the object s are to help them to remember how beautiful the earth is and how important it is for each of us to take care of it.

Drama Tent 20 m: Mud Pies
Supplies: dirt, water, dishpan, aluminum pie pans, aprons, spoons, bowls, measuring cups, table covering and hand washing supplies.
Let the children wear aprons and play “Mud Pie Bakery.” Cover the table. Let the children help you mix dirt and water together in the dishpan to make a thick mud. Encourage the children to use the mud to make mud pies. Talk about the recipe for creating a mud pie.

Worship Tent 20 m: Potted plants, pot of dirt
Supplies: several potted plants, small container of dirt.
Teacher talk: God wants every person to help take care of the earth.
Place the plants and the container of dirt on the table. Encourage the children to look at the dirt in the container and in the potted plants.
Say: If there was no dirt in the pot with the plants, the plants would not live. Each of us needs to help take care of this wonderful world that God created. One way we can do that is to grow and take care of plants.
Pray: Thank you, God, for giving us this beautiful earth to help take care of. Amen.

Snack 20 m: Dirt Pudding Cake
Ingredients: instant chocolate pudding mix, milk, chocolate sandwich cookies, gummy worms
Directions: Make the chocolate pudding. Add crushed cookies and gummy worms. Sprinkle a heavy topping of cookies over the top.
Serve in paper cups with a spoon.

Closing 10 min: Review Bible verse and say a prayer.