Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Meal with Jesus

“And Jesus said, ‘I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover meal with you…’”
Luke 22:15

Call to Worship
(Sung to “Michael Roll Your Boat Ashore”)
We will break this bread together, Alleluia.
We will break this bread together, Alleluia.
We will drink this juice together, Alleluia.
We will drink this juice together, Alleluia.
We’ll remember Christ’s love, Alleluia.
We’ll remember Christ’s love, Alleluia.

Joys and Concerns
Have the children share a few joys and concerns they have and follow with a prayer thanking God for our joys and asking God to be with us in our concerns.

Ask: Last week we talked about Jesus eating with his friends. Can anyone tell me why we eat? (Because we are hungry, etc.)

Say: You’re right! We eat because our bodies need something. Have you all heard of Communion? It is the meal we eat together with your church family and with God. Communion is God’s way of nourishing us with God’s love. We are given bread and juice just like Jesus ate with his disciples. Communion is an invitation for everyone to have a chance to be with God. There is a story in our Bible about this meal that Jesus ate with his friends.
It had been a busy, exciting week for Jesus and his friends. Everyone in Jerusalem was talking about Jesus. Jesus and his friends were tired and excited about what was going on.
One night they got together in a quiet room away from the crowds. They ate dinner together. As they ate they talked about what they had been doing together. They remembered what Jesus had done and some of the stories Jesus had told them. They remembered how Jesus had been teaching them. At the end of the dinner, while they were still sitting at the table, Jesus picked up a loaf of bread. He broke it and gave it to his friends, asking them to each eat a piece. Then he passed around a cup and asked everyone to drink from it. Then he looked straight at them and told them to eat bread and drink grape wine together to remember him.

Have a play Communion. Allow the children to share bread with their friends like Jesus did. Let them have a small glass of grape juice like Jesus shared with his friends. Allow them to feel the elements of Communion and become better acquainted with the celebration of Eucharist.

Say: God, thank you for sharing such a special meal with us. Help us to always remember you when we take Communion. Amen.

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