Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's in Worship by Delia Halverson

The new Delia Halverson book is awesome. It is a small book with lots of information. She teaches the reader about what and why we worship, why all age groups including children should be included in worship. It explains the order of worship, and talks about the importance of sacraments. She also has a brief chapter over the church seasons and symbols and talks about what you can find in a hymnal. There are also appendixes included to help explain why children should be include, a layout on how to create a worship service, and how to create a children's bulletin. It was a quick read and very worth it. I will be using it as a main source for a presentation I will be helping give to the Oklahoma Conference. It is a great resource for anyone included in the worship planning process or anyone just interested in learning more about liturgical worship.

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  1. Thank you for suggesting my book, Brittany. I just happened on your blog and checked out your web site. I'm glad we have people like you who recognize the importance of children in worship. I see you also suggest How Do Our Children Grow? You might check out my web site and you may want to follow my new blog