Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And then Jesus Changed Water into Gatorade: A Children's Sermon

Hold up a pitcher of water, and ask the children if they think it is good to drink water after they have been running hard in a game such as basketball. Yes! Then ask them if there is something even better than water after they have been playing hard. Explain that some people recommend a sports drink such as Gatorade, because it helps the body to recover from the stress of exercise. Pour a packet of powdered Gatorade into the pitcher of water, and stir it up so that the water changes color. Tell the children the story of Jesus at the wedding of Cana, and how he felt that the people needed more than water in order to have a good celebration. Ask the children if Jesus turned the water into Gatorade ... then tell them, “No, he turned the water into wine!” Point out that Jesus always wants to make everything better — including us! Stress that Jesus doesn’t want any of us to stay the same, but he wants to change us and transform us so that we can do God’s work in the world. Suggest that Jesus has the power to make us more loving, more forgiving and more faithful to God, and he uses this power to change anyone who follows him. Pour each child a cup of Gatorade, and let them know that the changes they can experience are much more amazing than simply changing water into a sports drink.  

Dear Loving God, thank you for wanting the best for us all. Amen. 

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  1. I appreciate you posting this directed for how to approach children's view of Jesus. I think they are often overviewed because they are so young and often think they are not old enough to understand.
    I also think this post is a good, simple way to demonstrate the different facets of Jesus and his view.
    Children are bombarded with messages of faith by friends and other children. This method maintains a guided perspective by their parents.