Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're Like a Puzzle: Children's Semon

Say: (Hold up a puzzle) How many of you like to play with puzzles? (yes, or raise their hands) I love puzzles too!  (Take two or three pieces out of the picture) Is this how a puzzle is supposed to look? (No!) Are you sure? Is it supposed to have holes? (No, it's supposed to be put together!) Oh they are supposed to all be there and put together? (Yes!) (Put the puzzle back together.) We are all like puzzle pieces. If we look at puzzle pieces they are all connected to each other. If one piece is gone the puzzle isn't complete. Without one of us, the world would not be complete. If one of you weren't here at church, the church would not be complete. We are are so important to God and to our church and to our world. The next time you play with a puzzle, remember how we are like puzzle pieces and say thank you for all of the people in God's world. 
Let's pray. Dear God, thank you so much for all of Your people. Amen.

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