Wednesday, March 4, 2009

World Communion Sunday

OBJECTIVE: To celebrate communion throughout the world and teach a little about the various cultures present today.

PEOPLE SERVED: Whole church, children

LEADERS: Volunteers, DRE


SUGGESTED DATE: World Communion Sunday

DESCRIPTION: The children come the Saturday before and have a special unit learning about different cultures by baking bread from that area. They will break into groups of 3 with one adult assistant and each group will bake a different type of bread from an assigned country and then each group will share a little with everyone else there and talk about their country. They will also save some for the Communion service the next day.

EVALUATION: Attendance

BUDGET: $25 for ingredients

SPECIAL NOTES: Go over safety instructions before you begin baking. You work with an oven so be sure to point out not to touch it.

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