Thursday, July 9, 2009


“And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting” Acts 2:2

Call to Worship
(Sung to “The Bear Went over the Mountain”)
Let’s worship God, let’s worship God, let’s worship God,
With joyful hearts, with joyful hearts, with joyful hearts,
Let’s worship God with joyful hearts!

Joys and Concerns
Have the children share a few joys and concerns they have and follow with a prayer thanking God for our joys and asking God to be with us in our concerns.

Ask: Did anyone notice anything different in the church today? (The decorations changed, everything was red, etc.)

Say: Today is the start of a new church season. We were celebrating the Easter season and today we will begin celebrating something called Pentecost. I am going to tell you a story about Pentecost so we have a better idea about what it is.
After Jesus died on the cross, most of his friends ran away to hide. They were afraid that the soldiers who had hurt Jesus would hurt them too.
When the women came back from Jesus’ empty grave saying that Jesus was alive again, his friends were surprised and happy, but mostly they were confused. They just did not understand what was happening.
Then for forty days Jesus kept surprising them, Jesus came through a locked door to talk to them on night. He walked on a road with two of them one day. He fixed breakfast on the beach with some of the others. Every time he was with them, Jesus talked. He talked about how much God loved them, and he talked about sharing God’s love with others. When Jesus was with them, his friends felt brave, strong, and happy. Something new and exciting was happening, and they were going to b e a part of it. But when Jesus was not with them, they would remember the soldiers and feel sacred, weak, and uncertain.
When Jesus left them the last time, he said two things. First he said, “Go into all the world. Tell everyone about God’s love and teach them to be my disciples.” Then he said, “Wait in Jerusalem. God has a special gift for you.” Well the first job sounded big and important and scary! So they were glad to wait for the gift.
What do you think they did while they waited? Well, they hid together. Every day each one would come by a secret route to the hideout. They would knock quietly on the door. Someone inside woyld open it just a crack to see who was knocking. Theyn, the firend would be let in fast and would be asked, “Did anyone follow you?” All day they stayed in that room and remembered what Jesus said and did. And they prayed. They prayed and prayed and prayed. Do you know what happened? Nothing.
So they all went home by their secret paths and came back the next day and they prayed all day. And do you know what happened? Nothing.
So they all went home by their secret paths and came back the next day and they prayed all day. And do you know what happened? Nothing.
So they all went home by their secret paths and came back the next day and they prayed all day. And do you know what happened? Nothing.
On the tenth day, they were beginning to wonder whether God was ever going to give them that special gift. But they carefully came to the hideout using their secret paths and they began praying again. And that day something did happen!
They had hardly started praying when a strong wind came through the hideout. The wind wrapped itself around each person there, and it felt like the wind was God’s loving arms holding them close, hugging them tight. They felt happy and loved and loving. The bright fire came through the sir and little flames of fire licked each one of them on the head. It felt as if God’s courage and bravery were burning in their hearts, and they knew that with God’s courage they could do things they couldn’t do before.
God’s love was in the wind and God’s courage in the fire were the special gifts they had been waiting for. They were so excited about their gifts that they could not keep them a secret. They ran out of their hideout and started telling everyone they met. Their hiding days were over.


Wind socks

Wind and Fire Relay - Before class cut crepe paper into two feet lengths. Divide your children up into teams and give them each a straw and a piece of crepe paper. Have them use the straw to blow the crepe across the room and back. If you don't want them to get on the floor you can have them blow the crepe across a table.
Wind and Fire
Written by Carolyn Warvel
(Sing to the tune of Frère Jacques)
Tongues of fire,
Tongues of fire,
Mighty wind,
Mighty wind,
The Holy Ghost is coming,
The Holy Ghost is coming,
Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord!
Before class cut pieces of crepe paper into 3 feet lengths. Use red and orange to make the fire sticks and white and blue to make the wind sticks. Staple 4 or 5 pieces of crepe paper to jumbo craft sticks and then cover the staples with tape. Make one fire and one wind pompom for each child. As you sing "tongues of fire" have your children wave their fire pompoms up and down. As you sing "mighty wind" have your children wave their wind pompoms side to side.
Say: Loving God, Thank you for sending us your Holy Spirit to be with us always, to give us courage, and to show us your love. Amen.

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