Thursday, November 5, 2009

God, Can You Hear Me? Book Review

I am always amazed at how words and pictures can morph the way a person feels, believes, and even rejects a certain way of life, feeling, believes, see the world. I never noticed how one word could completely change the way you see the word until I was in my Theology in Religious Education class. It all boils down to the definition of the chosen word you use. I find it so interesting. Because I find it so interesting I make sure that the books I give to my children to read are representing the ideas and beliefs I feel are important. Since this class I have yet to find a children's book that I completely whole heartedly felt appropriate for any child in any situation, until last week.

This book by Justine Simmons is a book that I opened up and had to have. I want to find a way to read it to all of the children that come through the door. The illustrations are amazing - no one is left out, it is just done so beautifully. The book itself is a great way to help reassure our children that God is always with us and listening to us. We may be different, scared, angry, confused, but God hears our concerns and comforts us, whether it is a feeling in our hearts, a song, or a hug from a friend. It is a great addition to any library. Children and adults alike need to be reminded that we are loved ALWAYS.

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