Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Ramblings: Follow up on Trunk or Treat

I have recently decided that I will write about whatever floats my boat on Fridays. Today is Friday, so today is that day.

I decided today, now that Halloween is all said and done, that I would follow up on our Trunk or Treat. It was a rainy night so instead of having trick or treating outside we moved everything indoors. I was expecting our usual crowd - the 25 that come on Wednesday nights plus the extra 15 that come on Sundays but not on Wednesdays. I was amazed when 15 minutes before start time we had a crowded hallway waiting to begin. I think there had to be 100 children there plus their families. It was amazing. They all had heard about it from friends and had been wanting to see our church and meet the people there. I don't think one person was disappointed. I am just so so glad that I had enough candy to pass out!

I think that this really taught me about how the simple things can become big things. God was moving through that crowd. We were all happy to be there and spend time with each other, and learn about each other. We had so many age groups represented just to celebrate Halloween. It was awesome. Sometimes we don't need tons of things to make something perfect. God can use what we have and make it great, even if it is just costumes, candy, and crafts.

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