Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Web Wednesday :)

This Wednesday  I would like to recommend as a good website for free information for children's ministries and Christian education as well. They have a bank of articles about various topics, such as, lessons, leadership help, etc. all based on age groups. The only down side is that you pretty much have to look at each page of articles to find what you need. They aren't very organized, but it is the only children ministries website on the first page of google that gives you free stuff.

Also be aware the theology used on this site is pretty evangelical so for those of us with various theological backgrounds you may have to tamper with their wording to get what you want.


  1. I truly love your blog! I would like to find more out there about The Children's Ministry. This is something that takes a calling to do. You must have patience and a heart for children. I have been a Children's Minister for about several years. I'm also the Children's Dir. I'm trying to find a play or drama...something for the children to do for Christmas. I'm running out of time and I would like to address Christmas from a different point of view than the manger, Mary... Not that I at all want to take Christ out I just want a different view. I have heard of some different ones after christmas but now I can't seam to remember who told me about them. If you know of anything would you please let me know. I tried to find a way to email you on the blog but I could not find it. You can email me at Thank You.
    I would also like to tell you that I love I use their site all the time.

  2. I am glad that my blog has been helpful! That was what I hoped it would be :)

    There are three resources that I think are very good for Christmas shows. Two books have shows for smaller groups and one is a full out musical. The Night the Angels Sang is a good ook for a small cast that has a few older kids that can learn a few lines and for a group that likes to sing. Christmas Programs for children by Elaina Meyers has some good shows or smaller groups and some poems about Christmas that could be read with some songs between them. The First Leon is a bigger musical production about a boy named Leon learning about the first Noel. He auditions for all of the parts in the Christmas show and didn't get cast for any of them, but through that process he learns about the true meaning of Christmas.

    I hope these are helpful! None of them were too expensive to buy and they are all reproducible. I bought all three at Cokesbury Book Store( and they said if I needed to buy them and go through each one and return the two I didn't need that as long as I had a receipt that was fine.