Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Berryman Approach

General Overview of the method:
This method is a way to create a place of wonder, question, creativity and to allow children the ability to be engaged with the Bible study. The Berryman approach is supposed to help children be comfortable and relaxed with the Bible and bible lesson. It is set up to allow children to respond to the word how they want to. It can seem chaotic but having choices will help the children develop their own understanding of God and what it all means to them. You have to remain in a calm state and ask lots of questions to get the child thinking about how the characters feel, think and are doing. This is a very quiet and free type of bible study for children. It is based on the spoken lesson and the unspoken lesson and allows the children to interpret the study on their own terms.

Age Level:
This approach was made for children. It can’t work on adults because it will put them to sleep. It calms everyone down and allows the child to focus and ask questions. It’s a very interesting approach to children’s bible study.

Specific Materials/Supplies/Handouts Required:
o Different stations set up for children to use
o Lots of options
o Calmness
o Preparation
o Bible

Step by step instructions for the model:
You should begin the class with a calm voice and a reverent state. Allow your students to fall into the state of wonderment. Ask lots of questions to keep them thinking. Give them a few options so they can respond to the word in a way they like and feel comfortable. This is all based on their choices and the ability to keep the children in a state of wonderment and peace.

Evaluation of the model (strengths/weaknesses):
It’s a very good way to teach little children. It give them an opportunity to learn for themselves and to ask questions. It allows the child to learn in a hands on way and in a creative way. The problem is that sometimes kids are squirmy and could get bored.

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