Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mental Drama, Role-Playing and Biblical Stimulation

General Overview of the method:
The Bible has can be viewed as a drama where God seeks and finds His people. This method can help students’ better see and understand what is going on in the Bible by being in the action. Since there are so many instances in the Bible where feelings dominate thought, these exercises are a good way to the class in these feelings. If you involve the whole group each person can view the scene in a new way. You emphasize ideas and feelings so everyone can see what was going on.

Age Level:
This is good for children, youth and adults. It is a nice way to involve everyone and everyone likes to play pretend. You can’t ever get to old for that. It is a cool method to get all ages to see different things.

Specific Materials/Supplies/Handouts Required:
o Bible
o An imagination
o Preparation for some of the dramas others are improvisation.
o The teachers need to be prepared with questions

Step by step instructions for the model:
Have the class read the scripture and to think about what they see talking place. Have them visualize how they would handle the situation. Ask them to see the situation from all view points. Just having the students visualize can make an in mind mini drama. You could also have the class do role playing. Have them act out what is going on during the scripture passage. You can have a few perform for the whole class or you can have the group break into pairs and have everyone try out acting out the parts. You could have a simulation. Have your students perform an accurate portrayal of what happened in the Bible. There are many ways you can use acting in bible study but they all should help you visualize and feel what is really happening.

Evaluation of the model (strengths/weaknesses):
This method is a good way to help your students see what is going on. It helps them be in the scene and involved in the feelings of the characters. It can make people feel awkward and silly and some people will be reluctant to participate. It is a cool way to get people involved in the stories.

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