Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Writing Activities, Puzzles, Games, Paraphrases and Reverse Paraphrases

General Overview of the method:
Writing Activities, Puzzles, Games, Paraphrases and Reverse Paraphrases can be used to dive deeper into the Bible. It’s a good tool for those students who need a more hands on approach to learn. To use these tools you tale different word games and put a biblical spin on them. It helps students memorize various stories from the Bible and it helps reinforce the knowledge learned from other various Bible studies. The crosswords are a good way to remember words and paraphrase are a good way to help people understand what they read. You take verses and right them in a manor in which you understand. The reverse paraphrases can be given to students after studying a story to find the mistakes and that helps reinforce what really happened in the story.

Age Level:
Since they are word games the students have to know how to read and have a general idea about spelling. It’s a good tool for older elementary aged students and can be used all the way through adults. I think that middle school aged children would benefit greatly from these word games.

Specific Materials/Supplies/Handouts Required:
o Handouts for the different word games
o Bible
o Pens/pencils
o Preparation, which includes having your research done and word games checked
o If you make your own games, the software and the research needed to create the games

Step by step instructions for the model:
There are many things you could do because there are many materials including in the topic. You could make a crossword puzzle from the different books of the Bible or use a reverse paraphrase to help students remember what didn’t happen so they know what did happen. Basically have a bible study, pass out the handout and allow time for your students to work on the different games.

Evaluation of the model (strengths/weaknesses): It’s a really good reinforcement tool but it can’t be used alone. It’s a wonderful hand on activity but it can take a while to get done. Use groups or pairs for some of these activities to help each other

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