Sunday, February 15, 2009

Depth Bible Study

General Overview of the method:
This is a method to dig deeper into the Bible. It helps us find out what we need to know now about the scripture and has students find out what the author had in mind for the audience. It also has you find out what the text means to the world today. It’s a lot like the shared praxis method. This way of studying brings meaning from the bible together with meaning from now. It can be the same meaning or a completely different meaning between now and then. You have to explore the different possibilities of each scripture and see where it fits into your life today. It goes from informational to confrontational. That’s the major difference between it and the shared praxis method.

Age Level:
This approach is good for youth and adults. It’s a nice way to tie life of today with the life of the Bible. It’s a nice way to see where God’s stories fit into our stories. It’s a good way to get everyone talking.

Specific Materials/Supplies/Handouts Required:
o Preparation
o Bible
o Open mind
o The ability to be open

Step by step instructions for the model:
Have your class read the scripture before class and begin forming their own opinions and thoughts on the subject matter. See what questions come to mind and what new insights are made apparent to you. Have your class discuss these things and also have them include their personal insights. Start by finding out what the text says. Try to just view the text. Then see what that meaning has for us today. Then you must find out what the passage means to you.

Evaluation of the model (strengths/weaknesses):
It is a good way to outline a bible study and is a good way to combine the past with the present and the future. It combines information about and involvement very well. It can be a very fulfilling Bible study if your group opens up and talks about their experiences. The entire group has to feel comfortable enough to open up and talk about themselves and what they really think about the different situations. Because it’s a discussion method you have the ability to get off track.

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