Thursday, February 12, 2009

Biblical Scholars in Bible Study

General Overview of the method:
Incorporating biblical scholars can be a very beneficial to bible studies. It gives a different look at certain topics in the bible for people who specialize in their given fields. You have many options of get a biblical scholar. You can hire an actual person or you can buy videos or cassette tapes. The scholars can discuss many aspects of the religious world, things like new discoveries, different theologies, historical facts and various other materials important to bible study. This is a neat way to present your class with information that will help them better understand God and what God is saying.

Age Level:
This can be used with bible study for adults. It is a very testing material and too many youth have a struggling faith and they don’t need to be influenced by a scholar. Scholars can be very influencing and students need to be able to use the information not let it turn them off of thinking.

Specific Materials/Supplies/Handouts Required:
o Bibles
o Scholar
o Video or audio
o Open minds
o Papers to take notes
o Pens/pencils

Step by step instructions for the model:
Before listening to the speaker have your class study the material that will be discussed so they have time to make their own interpretations. Listen to the speaker. You can have the speaker talk for only fifteen minutes and then break for small group discussion and then meet back up for more information. You could just listen to the full speech and then discuss but make sure you discuss what you hear.

Evaluation of the model (strengths/weaknesses):
It’s really good way to get information from a reliable source but it’s something that can influence you and will keep you from forming your own opinions.

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